Health Coaching – the postpartum support you never new existed

Remember that frustrated feeling you had when you felt like your voice was stifled even though you knew something wasn’t right…?

Newsflash: women can be their own healthcare leaders. Women can be trusted to take their health into their own hands, especially when provided with scientifically-backed and evidenced-based options and tools for tapping into their own intuitive needs.  

Women know when something is wrong. They usually know what their first step should be in order to move towards a solution. However, the hard part is knowing what all of the other steps should be in order to keep consistent with behaviors that support improved health. This is where the benefits of working with a women’s health coach comes in. When you work with a health coach, YOU decide what your next best step should be on a weekly basis and the health coach provides evidenced-based guidance, resources, and unwavering support for you. You know your body and your life better than anyone so no one should be in the driver’s seat but you. However, usually any process related healing, health, and wellness is clouded by habitual thoughts and patterns that keep us weighed down. We all have these barriers…story lines associated with your body, your financial stability, your work, your kids, your parents, your childhood, and the list goes on. A health coach facilitates conversation surrounding your barriers to health and healing and little by little, the barriers are broken down. 

In postpartum, there can be so many shifts within the body, often leading to pain, fatigue, and stress. Usually pain is a great motivator to seek help for about 60-90 days; however, once we start feeling better, we stop doing the things that made us feel better in the first place. Long term motivation occurs when we discover our purpose as to why we want the pain to go away or why we want to have more energy on a daily basis. Discovering our purpose helps pull us into a longer lasting change beyond that initial 90 days. 

Health coaches do just that: helping you discover your purpose in reducing your pain and improving your health. This facilitates those deeper, longer lasting behavioral changes vs simply getting the symptom to go away. There is growing research supporting health coaching, suggesting that >85% of people who use a health coach report feeling glad that they did and successful in their personal mission (a percentage of success that high doesn’t really exist in medicine!). 

If you’re frustrated that you’ve been left to your own devices or that you’re simply not feeling quite right or even that you have no idea where to turn because you’ve tried it all, you just may benefit from a partnership with a women’s health coach. 

Give me a shout – I’d love to help! (that was my pre-grand entrance – check out my new virtual business, Pliability Health Coaching, LLC!)

Published by kacannon

Kelsea Cannon, PT, DPT, PRPC is a physical therapist, pelvic health specialist, and integrative women's health coach who feels passionate about helping women restore wellness and balance in their lives. Her dedication lies in merging her comprehensive orthopedic, pelvic health, Pilates, and health coaching expertise to manage pregnancy-related concerns, such as pelvic & low back pain, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, diastasis recti, c-section scars, painful intercourse, bowel dysfunction, and hormone rebalancing. She promotes an interdisciplinary approach and is a believer in helping women establish their ‘dream team’ of care providers. Her main goal is to support and inspire women using an integrative approach to help them be successful in reaching their personal health and wellness goals.

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