The world is your oyster…

Hello! Welcome to The Pliable Pelvis! I’m glad you’re here. If you’re a postpartum woman struggling with pain, energy depletion, and cycles of burnout and you’re trying to find answers or ideas, then dive in. Postpartum recovery is a process. Being a mother is ever-evolving. And the pelvis and the mind are two of the most adaptable areas of the body. Enjoy reading. When it comes to healing, the world is your oyster.

If pain is a puzzle, we should not throw away pieces of the jigsaw just because we are obsessed with a preconceived single solution.” –Patrick Wall, Neuroscientist

Sustaining Mom and Helping Her Return to Exercise

In both my clinical practice as a Pilates-based pelvic health PT and my virtual health coaching practice as an integrative women’s health coach, the number one reason why women seek my services is to return to exercise postpartum…safely…and sustainably…without any nasty side effects. That’s not too much to ask for, right?! I completely commiserate withContinue reading “Sustaining Mom and Helping Her Return to Exercise”

Why we need more than just “core and pelvic floor” strength to return to postpartum exercise safely…

If you’re postpartum, chances are you (hopefully) have been exposed to the idea that your core and pelvic floor muscles are important in your postpartum recovery. And seeking guidance from a pelvic floor physical therapist is crucial in getting individualized assessments and treatments in order to get you back to your desired exercise activity asContinue reading “Why we need more than just “core and pelvic floor” strength to return to postpartum exercise safely…”


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