Sustaining Mom Beyond the Pelvic Floor Muscles, Glutes, and Abs

Oh yes. There’s a whole world waaaaay beyond a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, glutes, and abs. As women, we are much more than the muscles within our body. As a Pilates-based pelvic floor PT, this is a bold statement. And people who know me know that I LOVE (love love love) how amazing our physicalContinue reading “Sustaining Mom Beyond the Pelvic Floor Muscles, Glutes, and Abs”

“Gravity holds a different story”

THAT, my friends, is my favorite client quote of the week… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, women are intuitive and know their bodies…especially you postpartum moms who are in your early weeks/months and your primal instincts are at their prime. A little backstory: the particular client who nailed this quote isContinue reading ““Gravity holds a different story””

Life doesn’t have to suck.

My postpartum clients always inspire me. They are hardworking, compassionate, intelligent, and intuitive women. They want to do the best they can in their role as a mother, but also desperately crave those treasured moments alone so they can simply be themselves or squeeze in a quick moment of exercise, rest, or companionship with aContinue reading “Life doesn’t have to suck.”

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