Sustaining Mom Beyond the Pelvic Floor Muscles, Glutes, and Abs

Oh yes. There’s a whole world waaaaay beyond a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, glutes, and abs. As women, we are much more than the muscles within our body. As a Pilates-based pelvic floor PT, this is a bold statement. And people who know me know that I LOVE (love love love) how amazing our physicalContinue reading “Sustaining Mom Beyond the Pelvic Floor Muscles, Glutes, and Abs”

Health Coaching – the postpartum support you never new existed

Remember that frustrated feeling you had when you felt like your voice was stifled even though you knew something wasn’t right…? Newsflash: women can be their own healthcare leaders. Women can be trusted to take their health into their own hands, especially when provided with scientifically-backed and evidenced-based options and tools for tapping into their ownContinue reading “Health Coaching – the postpartum support you never new existed”

Rest – Go and get you some!

Imagine if you, dear postpartum mother, started to not feel so great… You’re tired, a little run down, achy, a little short-fused… Maybe the pain that you had before has suddenly increased. Was it the long day sitting at the computer? A long day managing the kids at home? There just seems to be noContinue reading “Rest – Go and get you some!”

The Inner Critic

If you were to broadcast your inner thoughts out into the world, what would people think? Recently, this question was brought up in a discussion I was having with a postpartum physical therapy client. Such a good question, right?! What would people think of your inner thoughts? Truth be told, my initial inner response toContinue reading “The Inner Critic”

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Build a Better House

Ladies, you’ve just completed the most athletic endeavor of your entire life (or really the most physically demanding experience that any human can endure): you’ve been pregnant for many months and then gave birth or had a c-section in order to finally hold your baby(ies) in your arms. Let’s just say that during that processContinue reading “Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Build a Better House”

Important Question(s) Missed in Healthcare

You’ve been there… You’re sitting in the waiting room, waiting for a medical appointment to begin. Your appointment was supposed to begin 15 minutes ago. You have a list a questions on your mind that you’re not sure you’re going to have time (or the confidence) to ask. You’re not even sure you have timeContinue reading “Important Question(s) Missed in Healthcare”

I’m over 4 months postpartum. When can I get back running?!

Whether you’re an aspiring runner or a seasoned runner, having a baby shakes things up a bit. You’ve probably been ‘cleared for activity’ and you may have already started light exercise or even started care with a pelvic health PT (all of which deserve a huge pat on the back!). However, many questions still remain.Continue reading “I’m over 4 months postpartum. When can I get back running?!”

Who’s In Your Tribe?

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you’ve been hearing a lot about pelvic floor PT. Not only is that my personal/professional bias (since I am one!) but pelvic floor PT is also growing in its level of popularity in order to better serve and care for postpartum women (check out this TED talk).Continue reading “Who’s In Your Tribe?”

Speed Peeing and JIC’ing: Bladder Habits Gone Rogue

Whether you’re a mother x 1, 2 or 3 (or more) kiddos, you know your days of using the bathroom alone are limited. Either someone is staring at you while you’re doing your business or your littles are banging on the door waiting for you to come out. Many habits change for postpartum moms becauseContinue reading “Speed Peeing and JIC’ing: Bladder Habits Gone Rogue”

I’m constipated and afraid to mention it. Is it normal to not poop postpartum?!

When it comes to postpartum bowel dysfunction, mum’s the word. Our bowels just don’t get the attention they deserve. As postpartum women, you are either shy to mention your bowel habits or you’ve been told “Oh, that’s just normal. It’s a part of the process!” We’ve come too far enough in the field of women’sContinue reading “I’m constipated and afraid to mention it. Is it normal to not poop postpartum?!”

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